DEDA project 2019-2022

School partnership project

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Digital Education - Digital Aspects

The handout:



Content work:

  • Work shadowing by students and (preschool) teachers
  • Media education concept
  • Digital competencies
  • Curricular embedding in lessons

Time table

11/2019 Kick-Off

03/2022 First student meeting (Sweden)

04/2022 Second student meeting (Spain)

05/2022 Third student meeting (Austria)

06/2022 Final meeting

Christian Tschuschke, Coordinator 


Murat Alpoguz (@MAlpoguz)
Erasmus+ Projekt mit KollegInnen aus Österreich, Spanien und Schweden. Aufgabe: Vorstellungsrunde mit StopMotion-Movies. Überall hört man Gelächter. Lernen kann so schön sein 😍
#twitterlehrerzimmer #Erasmus #StopMotion
Murat Alpoguz (@MAlpoguz)
#ErasmusPlus , Part 2: Sweden brought their school mascot with them. I‘m in love 😍

Artikel Erasmus

Lars Herd, newspaper Dieburger Anzeiger, 28. Nov. 2019

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Christian Tschuschke, Coordinator





Corona break

03/2022 in Sweden

1. Short-term meeting with students

From the point of view of the participants, the DEDA meeting in Sweden was a complete success. The most important aspect is certainly the bringing together of the participating people to find out similarities and differences. In the few days together the European feeling has been shown, especially in difficult times (Corona and Ukraine war).

Data and people: 

  • Erasmus+ DEDA project job shadowing in Sweden, Strömsund (21-24/03/2022).
  • Travelers: A. Waldmann, C. Tschuschke, W. Grote + 3 students of the 11FOS
  • Host school: Hjalmar Strömerskolan
  • Partner schools: Vienna (A), Zaragoza (ESP)
  • Topic: Exchange of experience on digital work at school


  • Presentations with websites: to the school, to Sweden to the region (homeland connection)
  • Cultural exchange: reappraisal and integration of SAMI-people; Swedish winter sports culture (competition), cultural do's and don'ts
  • Comparison of school systems and organization of daily school life Training management of participating schools (informal)
  • Students worked together on digital competences and presented the results in plenary (fake news, fake me, phishing, password creation, ...) 
  • Teachers have learned about digital tools
  • Everyone designed a keychain with CAD, which will later be produced using the 3D printing process.
  • Outdoor activity: competition of international groups (students plus colleagues) then results ceremonially recognized (award ceremony)
  • Internationally successful technology company remains headquartered in Sweden and financially supports schools to inspire students for technical professions (technical tinkering and inventor workshop) with trained supporter
  • Visit to top sports: Shooting School
  • Visit to IUN Östersund University, RCR lab (crisis simulation)

Personal impressions:

  • Careful and loving supervision of the groups (LK/SuS)
  • Perfectly coherent preparation and organization of all program points
  • Many helping teachers (only women)
  • For the students there was always a Swedish student available as a godmother.
  • Perfect preparation: host gifts coordinated with the program points
  • Relaxed atmosphere; trusting and appreciative interaction with each other
  • Swedish students assigned to assist host students as a support person
  • It is common for every person to speak English can be a claim for itself as an internationally oriented country


 Alissa Waldmann and Werner Grote (teachers)


Tobias Wieduwilt, Marek Weichenthal and Alamettin Kar (students)

 04/2022 in Spain

2. Short-term meeting with students 

From the point of view of the participants, the DEDA meeting in Spain (Zaragoza) was successful. One very important aspect is to find similarities and differences - in the school systems, in the standards of digitalisation but also in culture, people, habitants,... We brought people together and intensified the European feeling.

Data and participants: 

  • Erasmus+ DEDA project job shadowing in Spain, Zaragoza (25-29/04/2022).
  • Travelers: D. Kirnbauer, B. Pinz, K. Ruck + 3 students 
  • Host school: Colegio Alemán Zaragoza
  • Partner schools: Strömsund (SE), Dieburg (DE), Vienna (A)
  • Topic: Exchange of experience on digital work at school


  • Comparison of school systems and organization of daily school life - in this particular case a school campus from kindergarten to the end of highschool
  • Gain an insight into a school with a foreign language focus (observing the students' reactions and joys in realizing the benefits of communicating with us native speakers - guests from Germany and Austria)
  • Cultural exchange and refresh our knowledge of some historical developments of Europe
  • Collaborative working - using the example of a start up with different assignments

Ohne Titel 

  • Report of our collaborative working


  • Experimentation with soldering and robotics
  • Trying out and discuss the opportunities of the use of robotic tools in different school forms (from primary school up to programming in high school) 
  • Students worked together on the theme “Peace” and presented the results in plenary 
  • think about if peace education can help the world, and discuss about the change of values in society
  • Collecting statements about “peace” in a tool of collaborative and adaptive learning, and see the influence (and the advantage) of the statements and the meaning of the other participants in five phases 


  • For teachers provide an insight into university projects (adaptive learning)
  • Visit to UT-HUB-Center:
  • Experimenting to be in a virtual world
  • Get an insight of professions of the future - for example “Streaming”: expose the challenges and requirements of streaming - and testing with a very modern, high quality equipment of unreal engine

Personal impressions:

  • Many helping teachers
  • Careful supervision to find the way in Zaragoza
  • Perfectly coherent preparation of all materials and tools (for robotics)
  • Very good organization of all program points
  • Useful exchanges during the breaks (sport activities in the schoolyard connects)
  • Warm welcome gift (with a local religious symbol)
  • Balanced programme: school life and digital development in focus, but also the possibility to learn about land and people and local customs



D. Kirnbauer, B. Pinz, K. Ruck (teachers)

Zeynep Kaman, Harun Murtezov, Nisa Tok (students)

05/2022 in Austria

3. Short-term meeting with students

From the point of view of the participants, the DEDA meeting in Wien was an enriching and amazing experience. We can finally get back to normality after the Coronavirus. We have been able to reduce distances between countries to share time together and carry out a cultural and educational exchange.

Data and people: 

  • Erasmus+ DEDA project job shadowing in Austria, Wien (8-12/05/2022).
  • Travelers
  • Germany: F.Ochoa and F.Scholz + 3 students 11FO2W
  • Spain: L. Yus, P. Lázaro and H. Alepoglian + 3 students of 11th grade
  • Sweden: H. Sundelin, C. Karlen, A. Backman Wikström and J. Litteral-Johansson + 3 students
  • Host school: Berufsschule für Verwaltungsberufe 
  • Partner schools: Strömsund (S), Dieburg (DEU) and Zaragoza (ESP)
  • Topic: Exchange of experience on digital work at school


  • Presentations -Icebreaker Activitiy: Wienerisch. Group dynamic to get to know each other from different countries. Students and teachers were divided into different groups depending on the name of the austrian composer they got assigned. The groups were made of Spanish, German and Swedish students and teachers, accompanied by two Austrian students who helped each group.
  • Teachers and Students Workshop:
    • Activity Wienerisch: Create flashcards for different languages.
    • Guided tour through the school building
    • Activity "Fake": social media, fake news, online collaborative working 
    •, social media apps (instagram, snapshat, ticktock, facebook…)
    • Peace project: hand on hand - leaving a hands on a big canva
    • Activity + dinner at Prater 
    • Exploring “inner city”
    • Review of the days and full of impressions
  • Students Workshop:
  • Teachers Workshop:
    • Dual Educational System in Austria & Digikongress
    • Online collaborative working, Eduvidual
    • Webuntis, active inspire
    • Guided Tour with Stefan


D. Kirnbauer, J. Litteral Johansson (teachers)

Project coordination with Teams and OneNote